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[size=18]Murder trial of Bangladeshi worker[/size] Empty [size=18]Murder trial of Bangladeshi worker[/size]

Post  freeze on Fri Mar 14, 2008 8:41 am

In the ongoing murder trial of Bangladeshi citizen Mogul Hussain age 28 who was found dead at football ground of Hdh Kulhudhuhfushi on 19 August 2008, Shafeegul Islam age 45 another Bangladeshi a friend and colleague of Mogul has confessed to murder chargers. At the trial of Shaffegul Islam said the he murdered his friend Mogul Hassan on orders of his boss Mohamed Adam (Kodi Mohamed) of Gumreege / Hdh Kulhudhufushi. Shafeegul Islam further said that he was forced to carry to carry out the murder.

Speaking at the trail through an interpreter Shafeegul Islam recollected the events of that night when he carried out the murder. Shafeegul Islam revealed that on the night of 19 August 2007 he attacked Mogul and hit Mogul on the head with a hammer and stabbed him in the stomach with 7 inch knife several times to carry out the murder. Shafeegul Islam further said he carried out the murder on order of his boss as Mogul was suspected of having an affair with his boss’s wife. Shafeegul further said Mogul was robbing the shop they both were working.

“Boss asked me to kill him. Mogul is not a good man; Boss told me that Mogul has robbed him. Boss told me if I did not kill him, then Boss would kill me and Mogul” said Shafeegul through an interpreter.

Further Shafeegul Islam told the court that he was ordered by his boss to get rid of the dead body and that his boss had threatened to kill him if he did not do it.

“He told me if I did not dispose the dead body, he would kill me and throw my body in to the sea. I also do not like Mogul but I was forced to kill him, this was not a planned thing” said Shafeeg through the interpreter.

State Attorney Mahmoud Saleem said that Shafeegul Islam was being charged with the crime of murder based on own affidavit. He said committing murder just because some asked to do it does not make it legal.

At yesterday’s hearing Shaffegul Islam was charged on two counts. One being premeditated murder and the other violating a dead body.

Judge yesterday closed the hearing by saying that he would sentence Shafeegul Islam at the next hearing.

When the dead body of Mogul was discovered at football ground of Hdh Kuludhufushi Mogul’s hands were tied up, his stomach was opened exposing his guts, and his penis was cut off. Mogul was working at timber store at Kulhudhufushi.


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