IGMH doctors & staff hospitalized

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IGMH doctors & staff hospitalized Empty IGMH doctors & staff hospitalized

Post  freeze on Wed Mar 12, 2008 7:51 am

Some Doctors and staff of Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) had been hospitalized due to food poisoning.

A staff from IGMH said that about 18 people including Doctors and hospital staff who ate from a party at IGMH the previous night were admitted at the hospital.

According to some staff of IGMH, difficulties were faced yesterday as some Doctors were unable to attend to duty due to this. This party was held by Dr. Ahmed Ashraf on the occasion that he got a baby.

A senior official from IGMH said that a considerable number of staff complained of various problems including stomachache, vomiting etc but most of them are fine now while some had even been transferred to their homes.

The party held at Dharubaaruge was catered by Buruzu catering.

Managing Director of Buruzu Catering Abdul Azeez said that they prepared food for 200 people and they think that food poisoning was caused by a dessert made with eggs.

Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) is conducting tests while Department of Public Health is investigating the case.


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