Fiyori house destroyed in fire incident

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Fiyori house destroyed in fire incident Empty Fiyori house destroyed in fire incident

Post  freeze on Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:12 pm

Island of Fiyori of South Huvadhu atoll has revealed that a house in that island has been completely destroyed in a fire incident last Tuesday.

According to Fiyori Island Office the house which was destroyed during the fire was Everest. They also say the fire occurred at around 0130 hours early Wednesday night.

Island Office informs that the house constructed of bricks contains two rooms and a sitting rooms and that nobody was inside when the fire started. Katheeb (Island Chief) Mohamed Saeed said when he received the information regarding the fire he was having sleeping. He said he was informed by a security guard of the island office and when he arrived at the scene the caretaker of the house was also there.

According to Katheeb (Island Chief) Mohamed Saeeed the fire completely destroyed everything inside the house. He said although nobody was hurt the fire destroyed much of the house making it unusable. He also said the fire was put out with the help of Fiyori people at around 1515.

According to Katheeb (Island Chief) the owner of the house Mohamed Anees has 4 children and a wife and currently lives in Male’. He said the family moved to Male’ sometime last January and that Mohamed Anees was the former Junior Katheeb (Island Chief) of the Fiyori.

Katheeb (island Chief) Mohamed Saeed informed that at present there were no suspects nor have they established the cause of the fire.

Owner of the burnt house Mohamed Anees when contacted said he moved to Male’ last January and that most his belongings including house hold items were stored inside the house. He said everything including the house was completely destroyed.


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