Garnier Miadhu Crystal Award night

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Garnier Miadhu Crystal Award night Empty Garnier Miadhu Crystal Award night

Post  freeze on Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:19 pm

In a ceremony filled with glitz and glamour presentations were made to the winners of the Garnier Miadhu Crystal Awards. The colorful event organized by Miadhu Daily every year as part of its efforts to recognize and reward the hard work of the artists in the entertainment industry and to encourage and promote the industry was held at Dharubaaruge last night. The event was given live coverage by Television Maldives. This year awards were presented in drama, short films and music.

For the first time this year life time achievement award was also presented. The award was received by Mr. Chiliya Moosa Manik, a veteran and popular entertainer who is seen in drama series as well as feature films.

The winners in the drama category were chosen with the full participation of the general public by SMS or by the use coupons available in the Miadhu Daily newspaper provided specially for the purpose. The Best Mother award went to Marium Shakeela for her role in “Vaguthu Faaith Nuvanis” meaning before the moment is lost .The Best Father Award went to Roanu Hassan Manik for his performance in the same drama. The best villain was Aiminath Rasheedha ( Yara Ainthu) her role also in the same drama as well and the best actress award went to Marium Zuhura also for the same drama Vaguthu Faithi Nuvanis. The best actor award in drama category went to Copy Ismail Rasheed and the best story in this category went to Marium Moosa of Vafaa Theri Nuvevunas (Even if you cannot be faithful). The best director award in the drama category went to Arifa Ibrahim. The best drama award went to Manzilakee Thiyey meaning you are the destination.

In the music category, the best lyrics award went to Crazy Khiyaal by Shareefa Fahury while the best original melody was chosen as Hiy Buneemey by Falah. The best male singer was Abdul Ganee (Theyravaa) while the best female singer was chosen as Zoona for song titled Kalaayah loabi Dhenhey (I gave you my love). The Best Audio Track was “Dhan Dhan Dhan” from album Hikkiyaathee and the best video song went to Hiy Dheevaanaa from album Crazy Khiyal (crazy thoughts). The best cerography in music album went to Suneetha. The Best Audio Album was Hih Dheevanaa 4 and the Best Video Album was Hiy Roaney (Heart will cry).

The Best Actress award in short film category went to Afeefa for her performance in film Ossunu Iraaeku ( With the dusk) while the Best Actor award in this category went to veteran actor, producer and director Yousuf Rafeeu (Yousey) for his performance in film Vagu of Hurigothakee Mieebaa ( Is this how it is?). The best visual effects in this category went to film Badi Edhuru.

In the short film category best editing award also went to Badi Edhuru and the Best Back Music went to film Ossunu Iraaeku. The best cinematography in this category went to Dhabaa by Ossunu Iraaeku. The best makeup went to Afeefa for makeup in film Kaduvigani and the best special makeup award went to Hassan for Vasvaas series. The Best Costume award went to Ahmed Yousuf designer of costume in Haa Shaviyani Rasgefaanu.

In the short film category the Best Story Award went to Moosa Latheef for Ossunu Iraaeku and the best child artist award was won by Sumani for Iru Ossumun. The Best Comedian Award went to Munavvar for role played in Kuda Foolhu. The Best Villain in this category went to actor director Ahmed Nimal for his role as a bad step father in Ossunu Iraaeku

The Best Female new artist in short film category went to Muslima for film Fenu Paree and the Best Male new artist award went to Riyaz for his role as Baaokalo in film Baaokalo.

The Best Director Award went to director of film Badi Edhuru Shifau and the best short film award went to Ossunu Iraaeku.

This year in addition to the awards to the respective winners a special award was also made to the team of the best film. The award consists of a seven day study tour to Film Institute in Poona and BollyWood. The special tour was jointly organized by Bangladesh High Commissioner Mijarul Quayes and Film Trust India. The travel is sponsored by Inner Maldives. Mr. Mijarul is a renowned international film critic.

As in previous years Judges Award was also given. This year the award went to Bungney Bungney of Mohama. According to the judges the film Bungney Bungney deserves an award as the story and the performance matches very well.

The judge’s team includes Binma Waheed, Aiminath Abbas, Assharu Waheed, Ahmed Hisham Saeed (Andhu) Aamila Adam, Roanu Hassan Maniku and Marium Shuhana.

Although the show was briefly due to power interruption, it was warmly received by all the viewers who watched the show. Judging from the many calls received both from abroad and locally the show was highly popular.


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